— AlexiaKay


I found an enclosure on Amazon which was perfect because it had removable metal face and back plates so that I could customize the box easily. I was also interested in working with metal for this project because it’s a material I haven’t worked with much yet. I wanted to make an enclosure for a speaker.

I bought my buttons from Tinkersphere and started making different holes on wood to make sure I had the right drill bits for these specific buttons. It was quite challenging to find the exact size bits for my holes because I also had different buttons. This was my first time using the drill press and I also used a spade bit for my bigger button for the first time.


I learned quickly that because of the rigidity and thinness of this metal pieces, both sides of the plate had to be clamped down to get the perfect hole. One of my holes is a little eaten up because the bit wasn’t tightened very well. I found it tricky to tighten the drill bit well in this machine.


I then etched on the metal which was definitely a step I had to do first because it was really hard to position the etchings right under the holes and find the exact position. So I started by testing with cardboard and matching my metal plate on top of the cardboard after just to make sure the position is correct.


I then inserted my buttons. My on/off button had to be glued because my whole ended up being bigger so I used hot glue to fill in the gap between my hole and my button which I felt like was my only choice. If you have any other advice please let me know.



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