Setting- Legos in NYC

For this assignment, I decided to take 360 images of a microworld using legos. I went through a really bad break-up this past week so I wanted to portray how women tend to idealize relationships by growing up with disney films. They have been told their whole life that one day they will find the perfect guy, “their prince”, and they will live happily ever after…But life is different; It’s much tougher than what we tend to believe when we are children and it hurts when we grow up and slowly realize this. Therefore, I set up the legos in the streets of New York in order to create a contrast between the fairytale world and the concrete jungle of New York City. I really feel that New York is really a symbol of how life is. It can be magical, mind-blowing, fun, tough, heart-breaking and lonely at the same time.


The quality of the images is kind of blurry but because the weather has been really bad, I wasn’t able to go back and reshoot. However, I was so impressed how passersby loved the legos. Therefore, I decided to create a series of these images around streets of New York.

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