— AlexiaKay

Sound Piece

Inspired by Octavia Buttler’s “Bloodchild,” our group created a sound piece designed for an art installation. The part of the story that we chose to narrate through our sound piece begins from the part of the story where Lomas, the external character who is separated from his Tlic, enters the story and drives the dramatic action of the plot. Our piece ends when Gan who is daunted from the horrendous process that Lomas had to go through to give birth, threatens to kill himself rather than be impregnated. For our sound piece we experimented with kitchen tools, creating sounds from breaking eggs, cutting oranges, flickering lights, blenders, running water, vent, percussions on pots, wind sounds and others. We wanted to create eerie sounds that would match the unsettling atmosphere of the installation and would reminiscent the grotesque images communicated with the reversal of the male and female roles. On a later thought, we though about creating three different rooms where in each room the base of the sound would be the same ( e.g that alien/drone sound which is prominent in the majority of our sound piece) but it would change according to which room the visitors will be in.


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