— AlexiaKay

Business Card- Logo

I started this assignment by thinking about my logo. I started sketching my initials and played with different shapes with the “A” and “K”. Some were more linear and geometrical and some were more playful.

I then started drawing my own doodles which I naturally do all the time and started thinking about how these shapes, that I naturally create every time I literally grab a pen and paper, really communicate something about my personality. So I wanted to incorporate these doodles somehow in my logo. I started filling the negative space of my initials and somehow these triangle and rectangle shapes created from this negative space matched the shapes that I usually make in my doodles. That is how my logo was created.












In the side of my business card that doesn’t include my information etc., I wanted to find a way to show my interests because I believe that the purpose of a business card, apart from exchanging information, is for anyone to understand what is your personality like and unfortunately, most business cards don’t achieve that. Especially since I am interested in so many different things, I wanted to find a way to really convey this through my personal card. I started writing words that describe me and subjects that I am interested in. Then I started separating words and letter and included symbols that we use in code (like + && //) and I really liked the effect. I used the Lucida Console fonts which are the fonts used in code in order to create this technical feel in the card.


I decided to stick with pink as the primary color in my business card after being influenced by my “Color” assignment where I observed that pink was the most prominent color in my life. I think the contrast of pink and gray as well as the use of “coded” words communicate this diverse aspect of my personality and the intersection of art and tech.    Fonts: Quick Sand Regular


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