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I really enjoyed working on this project even thought we had just one week to learn the basics of unity during our finals…but, that’s the ITP spirit! I thought that learning Unity was a great addition to the course because it’s a program that offers immersive possibilities worth exploring! I want to focus on video and VR at ITP so I am glad I got the chance to explore the program. The code for adding animations to the character was pretty straight forward but I struggled a little bit with the terrains and the mesh colliders as you can see from the clip.

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For our second assignment, Ariana and I created the story of a shopaholic girl named Chloe. We first show Chloe’s life as a child, where she is pure and happy with small simple things like riding her bike in the neighborhood. As she gets older she is becoming more and more influenced by her surroundings by watching TV, looking at ads, spending time on social media that she gets dragged into this tunnel of materialism. Once she is older, Chloe becomes so influenced by the materialistic society around her, that she ends up consuming clothes (literally) by eating whatever she buys. We show her going through stages of shopping. In the first stage she eats two products and feels very happy and fulfilled. In the second stage she eats three products and feels less happy and in the third stage she eats more products and feels even less happy. This is basically what happens with every type of addiction so we wanted to communicate this negative relationship of happiness duration vs consumption in the last scene. In the end, she goes home where it is covered in clothes and bags, but under all those clothes, the house is empty – and that is when she realizes that she is living an empty life with no real fulfillment.


Ένα βίντεο που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης franknitty3000 (@franknitty3000) στις







The whole process was very challenging and time consuming especially because it was our first time using after effects and we didn’t know what could be possible and what couldn’t be possible with the program by itself. We shot the barbie and made fashion collages which we photographed and cut out on photoshop. We didn’t end up using most of these collages however and had to cut several scenes that we had originally planned out in our storyboard because we had such limited time.




Shopsessed from ALEXIA KYRIAKOPOULOU on Vimeo.

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Our idea for our stop-motion project was a story about an ant exploring a busy city. The ant is small and lonely and is being almost stepped on by people crossing the street until it comes across a ghost costume made by a white sheet. The ant carries the ghost costume using a stick to stabilize it and wanders the streets scaring people passing by. The ant feels empowered until his costume is blown off by a gust of wind…The ant feels small and lonely again.


Shooting the film occurred over two days. We initially had issues lighting the scenes and getting good focused shots because of how small our drawings were. Eventually we found a good compromise with lighting between actual lights and light balancing through DragonFrame. For focusing the shots we had to get creative as often the clearest shots encompassed more than the cards on which the scenes were drawn.


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