— AlexiaKay

Bodies in Motion

This week we experimented with the perception neuron kit. We started out by connecting each component to the right part of the body.

Once everything was in order we started the calibration process which proved to be a very painful experience since we could not surpass the first stance for more than 30 minutes. But we finally got it right!

I had a lot of fun playing with pastel psychedelic textures for my world. I still don’t feel entirely comfortable in Unreal Engine, but I feel like I’m getting better at navigating and looking for desired assets. I also added the retro gaming props from the store and added colors to them.

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Unfortunately, we experienced some technical issues in our Lab this week. We all wanted to record more movements for our worlds so we can bring them into Unreal. We started off by placing all the necessary points for the skeleton to be tracked properly on all 37 points but our skeleton was not showing up. We re-calibrated the room and started the whole process from the beginning by using a different body to add the points  but we had no success. Therefore, I could not record and export the scenes and bring them intro Unreal.

I used level blueprint to modify my script so that it turns my  light on when the player enters the room and turns off when we exit our room.

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For our third lab we have to review our data from one of our recorder MoCap session and correct and fill any data that were missing as well as assign back to their original position any unassigned markers. Overall our MoCap didn’t present many gaps and was smooth throughout.

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I created my character Avra  using Fuse and created some animations in Mixamo. I built a new world this week and tried out different materials and textures for my mountains. I have become a fan of 3D pastel animation and was looking at Anny Wang’s artwork. I love how Anny works with mixing pastel colors and holographic reflections, surrealist arrangements of geometric objects and still life. So I tried creating a world inspired by this artist and a character that would “fit” this surrealist world.

I imported my character and Samba dance  animations successfully in Unreal by following Todd’s tutorial. I wanted to create an awkward trippy dance movement for my world.


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This is my first trial in working with Unreal Engine. I really wish I had more time to work on building my world more because there are so many things I want to create but I just wanted to familiarize myself with the interface first and start feeling comfortable. So I spent most time watching and reading several tutorials and did some small experiments at the same time.

My Character

My main character’s name is Avra. Avra is an adventurer and she loves to dance. She is afraid of the dark. She lives in a tiny planet with her aunt Sandra. Every day she wakes up and looks at the sky with all the planets nearby.  There is something mysterious about these plantes; They disappear when it’s dark. Since she was a very young girl, she was intrigued by those planets and always imagined how they would look like…However, she had been told by her aunt her whole life that the outside world is a dangerous place. Finally, on the day of her 18th birthday she decides that it’s time to finally find out by herself what is really out there so she goes on a little adventure with the help of her best friend Syrus.

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For this week’s lab we had to record a 37 point skeleton and play around with it in space in order to use the data for later projects.
We started off by placing all the necessary points for the skeleton to be tracked properly on all 37 points:

Once this process was done properly we moved on to do the tracking routine. Started off as usual with the T-stance and moved on.

Motion Capture from ALEXIA KYRIAKOPOULOU on Vimeo.

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I have always been very excited about understanding the possibilities of motion capture and VR and study  what can be created through these fascinating technologies. I always loved dancing and have been taking dance  classes since I can remember myself.  Therefore, I am interested in creating an experience that showcases the aesthetics in movement by explicitly tracing the movements of the dancers by overlapping various animation effects. I am a huge fan of simplicity so I don’t want to create an experience that over overemphasizes these movements and transforms them intro different forms. I want to create interesting thgeometric shapes with thin detailed lines that will simply enhance the movements and the overall experience.


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Lab: Calibration and Rigidbody

This week we had the chance to experience the MoCap studio and the Motive software. We were successful in reaching an “Exceptional” result in calibrating the volume, locating and labelling the rigid bodies.

Below are the photos of our experience:

Camera calibration and determining ground plane.


We wanted to make sure that we get around 10,000 samples per camera.

Next, we assigned four rigid bodies and moved around to see if the tracking was accurate and consistent.

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