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Magic Windows

For my final project I chose to go with my second idea of contrasting spaces. I find this idea really interesting because I think that there are a lot of things to be said about different feelings that certain environments trigger like the NYC subway. When you are in the subway you see people stressed, being in a rush and I like how with AR you could create a portal to another world inside an existing hectic space where everything is so calm and serene; somewhere where you could take a moment to take a step back and breathe a little. For the final I wanted to create more portals that conveyed this idea of contrasting spaces but it took me such a long time to build this one that I didn’t have time to make another one. I unfortunately had this error that I shared in the class group that was not letting me build my project and even after trying what my professor suggested it still didn’t work out. It took me about 8 hours to figure this error and the problem was that I had to move my files in a separate folder. I built this whole project on Xcode because most resources I could find were made on Xcode so it was something I never had done before and it was quite challenging to figure out in such a short amount of time. I really enjoyed creating this space though and decorating it with all the 3d models to make it more real and I will keep working on it and hopefully show a second portal for our final presentation.



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For my final project, I am interested in creating a portal. I have always found fascinating the idea of being in two places at once or teleporting into another space in time. I am thinking of either:

1) Creating a portal where you could see how the space you are right now looked in the past. For example, if you are in times square you could walk into a portal where you could see how times square looked in the 1920s.

2) Play with the idea of contrasting spaces in new york city and create for example a serene environment in the chaotic subway or a a portal to the beach in the cold winter.



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Object Scanning

I was really interested to explore object recognition for this project so I used the object recognition android app to scan a few objects. At first, I was really interested to explore the idea of augmenting different types of food and creating negative or positive environments around them depending on the type of food (junk, healthy etc.) in order to encourage kids to eat healthy. I have always been interested in this idea of how just like sounds can alter our perception of taste maybe in the not so distant future with AR we could be triggering our sense of sight and we could be eating one thing, while perceiving it to be eating another. I think that this could have a huge impact and make a positive impact on eating disorders.

Object Recognition Trial

I first started my attempt by scanning a burger. It seemed like the app was working great and was scanning the burger but once I imported it in Unity and tried testing it, it wasn’t working.

I then tried another object that was more rigid and had a more complex geometry. I looked at some tutorials where they were using toys for object recognition so i tried scanning a toy. This time it seemed like the app was having trouble scanning the object in the first place so I couldn’t even export it and bring it into Unity.


My final attempt was scanning a different toy I had and it finally worked!


Future of Shopping

Another idea I tried out this week was creating a “future shopping” experience. I always wanted to have an app that could easily scan different pieces of clothing and tell me what the size or price of the t-shirt or dress I am looking at is instead of me having to look for the label every time. I believe there are a lot of valuable information (i.e discount info, price, size, wash and care labels) regarding different pieces of clothing in a store that could be projected while people are looking through the clothes that could make a shopping experience much more attractive and faster.

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If I could augment an object I believe it would be very useful to augment the food we have on our table and overlay information regarding where your food comes from and how it is processed in your body. When it comes to nutrition we keep creating apps about showing ingredients or amount of calories in different products by i.e scanning an item’s barcode, but we don’t really educate people regarding food-system steps that for example tomatoes undergo from the farm to people’s homes . I believe this information is very valuable and could potentially decrease the large issue of eating disorders all over the world. This could also be an opportunity for different brands to demonstrate how their products are being made and build trust with their consumers.

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For my thesis, I am working on a VR experience of domestic violence and sexual assault and I really wanted to take advantage of this project to explore my subject even further and share stories, data and quotes around sexual assault. I was inspired by all the recent news regarding the metoo movement and thought that AR could be really effective to be used in cases like these because I feel like augmented reality really taps into this idea of how what is projected on the surface is not really what it truly is. Just like women in Hollywood: They are constantly projected as these happy, rich, superstars but it’s not really how it looks like on the inside.

This project was quite challenging because I had to make a lof the images on photoshop and also it was hard to figure out how to play the videos once the target image was detected and then pause and go to the next one but I eventually figured it out.

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For this exercise I used my favorite painting called “A Thousand Kisses” by Jean Francois Rauzier to bring it to life. The painting depicts a couple looking at a thousand screens all showing images with a kiss from different films. To bring the painting to life with projection mapping I used Mad Mapper to map different kiss scenes from actual films on to the existing screens from the painting. I also used clips from different materials already existing in Mad Mapper to enhance the existing light and shadows of the painting. To do that I used the mask tool to map the light on the pillars of the building depicted in the painting.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 12.19.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.10.54 AM.png

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