— AlexiaKay




This is a collage I created from my daily life in the past 4 days in order to track the recurring colors of my life. I took pictures of outside spaces as well as food, clothes and some decorative elements in my apartment.


I created this color palette with the eyedropper which drew the colors from my collage. I designed this color palette in the shape of a chart to show which colors were most prominent. The color that really popped up in my pictures is pink. I looked up the symbolization of pink and found out that it represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. Pink also is the color for little girls. It’s interesting because I am a person who is very much tied to my childhood and have always remembered those years as the best years of my life so this really might be the reason why pink is really a recurring color in my life.

Other colors that came up from my collage are neutral colors such as black white grey and beige. These are the colors that I consider as the background colors of my life. I always love wearing vibrant colors during the summer but when fall starts I just can’t wait to start wearing all those neutral colors, especially black. Black is a color that is mysterious and has a sense of power to it and I think I subconsciously like associating myself with these ideas. However, black is also associated with fear and the unknown which is something that I am always worried about.



So, I started observing the colors of my clothes to see if they coincide with the colors used in my palette and they really matched. I was so surprised by this discovery that I decided to do something creative with it. I divided my clothes based on the colors of my palette and put them in the washing machine. I was always intrigued by the colors that one can observe when the cycle spins, so I decided to capture this in this assignment using photography and playing around with the ISO and shutter speed.


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