— AlexiaKay

Create your own creative circuit!

This video is from the Friday PCom workshop with the residents. They taught us how to create this simple circuit using an LED and a resistor.

For this project I wanted to create a circuit with more LEDs and came up with the idea to create a traffic because they are such a prominent part of this new (for me) New York city life.


















I first created a traffic light out of cardboard and duck tape. Then I created the circuit and made sure that the LEDs fit the wholes of the cardboard and then I sticked the arduino inside the traffic light.































Part 2 – Traffic Light Gone Crazy!

Now that we learned about digital input and output I decided to continue with my traffic light project and actually make the lights change like a real traffic light from red to yellow to green. I started writing the code but then I decided to play a little bit with the concept of “delay” and create a more playful traffic light.


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