— AlexiaKay

Experimenting with Kinect

My original final project idea was to create some kind of interactive movement experience using the Kinect. I thought about tracking peoples’ walks and explore how walking in a certain way can tell a lot about someone’s personality. I started experimenting in p5 and started thinking how I would want to make this look visually. I started sketching simple lines and thought about maybe creating a canvas where each line  represents each person’s walk. In the third image you can see that every time the mouse pauses, a cyrcle is drawn and slowly grows depending on how long the mouse is paused in the same position. Also if you drag the mouse faster a thick line is formed and if you drag the mouse slower a thin line is formed. My original thought was if I combined this with the kinectron depending on how big the cyrcle is or how thick the lines are one could tell how fast someone is walking and whether if they pause between steps and for how long. However, when I tried using the program, even with simple lines it seemed like it would freeze and I couldn’t really get the result I wanted. However I intend to explore this idea of movement tracking in the future 🙂

Kinectron Code: https://alpha.editor.p5js.org/alexiak/sketches/HJNWATvZe

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