— AlexiaKay

Film Project – Reaching the Dream

For our film project, we decided to create a documentary video around the life of a ballet dancer, Alexandra Avrami, who grew up in a small town in Greece and always dreamed to become a ballet dancer in New York. In our film, we are creating Alexandra’s portrait and we are showcasing her journey from Greece to New York through dance.

What we wanted to convey through our film is Alexandra’s unique personality as well as her thoughts around ballet and her hopes in life. We also wanted to oppose ourselves from other documentaries around ballet like “First Position”(2012) by Bess Kargman that focuses more on the physical hardships that ballet dancers have to go through to reach their dream whereas we focused more on creating a more positive image around ballet and self-expression.

This project was a great learning experience we had a lot of footage that we needed to edit and it was very challenging especially connecting the dance sequences and coordinating the voice overs with the song on the background.

Reaching the Dream from ALEXIA KYRIAKOPOULOU on Vimeo.

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