— AlexiaKay



I saw this image from London based Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka that created an ingenious flat piece of paper that, when rolled up, transforms into a powerful flashlight. A miniature LED light is embedded within a slit and when the paper is rolled up into a cylinder the slit pops out, automatically triggering the LED light source. This is a clever way to always keep a flashlight right on your desk, as long as it doesn’t get lost amongst the other stack of papers on your desk. 



What I also really liked was the cone shape of the flashlight. I really liked the simplicity of it. Also, I I love the fact that the size is big. I believe that a  flashlight shouldn’t be small because you should be able to easily find it when you need it.  It’s more efficient and ergonomic.



I used a tilt ball switch sensor and connected it to the LED and my battery case with conductive tape so that when you tilt the flashlight it lights up. It worked! I then soldered the wires together.


3D Printing

I decided to 3D print my model since I haven’t used the 3D printer for a really long time and wanted to refresh my skills in Rhino. I broke down my 3D model into two parts. One is the main body and the other one is the lid of the flashlight. I did that also so that I can print both parts simultaneously in two different 3D printers to save time.






I am happy with my result although I think that if I had a chance to remake my flashlight I would do a few things differently. For example I would create a bigger surface for my lid and main body part so that I could easily stick some magnet tape on the surface. This way, the user will be able to open the lid and change the battery if needed. Because of the way I designed my models I could only apply some double-sided tape to stick these pieces together which is not reliable.


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