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Shapes & Color

How Computational Media applies to your interests?

My background is in marketing communications and I worked at Ogilvy & Mather as a Digital Account executive. I worked with designers and developers to create several digital projects (websites, apps etc.) and was always inspired and intrigued by the whole development process. I was always eager to get a hands on experience in coding and especially creative coding. Since I was very young I loved experimenting with art and ever since I went to College and started working I stopped exploring my passion and this zeal I always had for creation so I’m glad to be back!!

It’s interesting to explore this totally new format of creativity with p5 in our ICM class. What I would love to create would be probably something interactive with video and sound. Through exploring the p5 gallery one of the projects that I was inspired from was The “Face Sound Visualization” by Nithi Prasanpanich. I loved how she integrated sound in this project and thought that the design of the interactive face was really cool.


Me exploring the Face Sound Visualization project by Nithi Prasanpanich, 2015


The first project was really a challenge for me since I have no coding or design experience! It took me some time to get used to the language and tried to understand how this program is “thinking.” I wanted to create a butterfly and started drawing the first triangle for the wings. It was hard for me at first to understand how the X, Y positioning really works so I had to experiment with the shapes in the P5 reference page and went back and adjusted my numbers a couple of times. When I finally started working on the second wing, I had trouble making it symmetrical with the first one and was wondering if there would be a function that could make shapes reflect one another automatically. Would be interesting to find out later in class 🙂



After experimenting a lot with creating different colors with RGB I finally finished my first drawing and I am proud of it!!

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