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Interactive News Map

This project was originally a data visualization project that aimed to showcase the diversity that really dominates at ITP. Each circle represented the number of people that are from that specific Country. We took this idea and developed it further and decided that because of all the political madness that was going on in the USA during the elections period, no one paid much attention to all the news going on around the world. Therefore, the idea is that it is important to always know what is going on outside your own little bubble. This map is used as a platform that allows you to watch the news (and other videos) by clicking on a specific Country.

After we user tested the project, most of our users told us that it would be better to focus on the story we are trying to say and add more videos for each country rather than spend time creating a zoom effect that we originally were thinking of creating. Most people also liked the fact that you could see the videos popping up in this context of the world map. They liked that they were able to view the rest of the world while looking at one video rather than having to zoom in and out. Therefore, for our final, we focused mainly on the content of the map, and made sure to make it as simple as possible in order for people to know what is happening when looking at it. We added the “about us” page and a “submit your video” tab in order for people to better understand our story and how we would like to expand this further into a global platform where people can upload their video and see it instantaneously on the map. In addition, we added more video for each country and added back and forward arrows.

In the future, we would like to make this 3d and also add cities in our map because some countries are either too big to identify one piece of news to it, or some countries such as Cyprus are divided. For example, the news in Ohio might be different from the news in New York. This is also an interesting concept to think about…How the news even if they come from the same country can change depending where exactly you are in that country (north, south, west, east). People could really understand the different point of views and where do these come from. I belive this concept has a lot of potential and can be very educational.

There are a lot of questions to be asked and a lot of questions to be answered for further developing this project, but I believe that this should be a platform that is currated and gives people the freedom and the voice to upload their own personal videos, not videos from news sources but personal footage taken from protests or any “scenes” happening in each city that deal with serious issues (political, environmental, social).

Code: https://github.com/alexiak24/itpmap

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