— AlexiaKay

Laser Cutter

I was inspired by a personal story that I experienced in the past year in Athens and wanted to bring this story to life. So I made these two characters riding a motorcycle through the city of Athens. I wanted it to look like a set design so I created three layers inside an open box. I found almost all the images online and traced them in illustrator apart from the houses and the mountain which I drew in illustrator myself. What was challenging is getting all the measurements right for creating the box because I had to think of a lot of details and had to go back and change my designs constantly. Laser cutting these images was quite easy. I didn’t have any issues with the laser cutter but I had to change the speed and power because the cardboard settings where not cutting the cardboard as deeply as I wanted. I used hot glue to stick the box together and I could easily fold the box because I designed lines of small squares around the edges in illustrator.

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