— AlexiaKay

Telling a Story in AR

For my thesis, I am working on a VR experience of domestic violence and sexual assault and I really wanted to take advantage of this project to explore my subject even further and share stories, data and quotes around sexual assault. I was inspired by all the recent news regarding the metoo movement and thought that AR could be really effective to be used in cases like these because I feel like augmented reality really taps into this idea of how what is projected on the surface is not really what it truly is. Just like women in Hollywood: They are constantly projected as these happy, rich, superstars but it’s not really how it looks like on the inside.

This project was quite challenging because I had to make a lof the images on photoshop and also it was hard to figure out how to play the videos once the target image was detected and then pause and go to the next one but I eventually figured it out.

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