— AlexiaKay


For this week our assignment was to create multiples of something, 5 or more. From the minute I heard multiples the first thing that came into my mind was this famous Russian toy I had when I was younger called “Babushka”, also known as a nesting doll which is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. I wanted to work with wood and thought about creating wooden jewelry boxes one inside the other where each box would have a quote from a movie and every time you open one box you would see the quote from the other smaller box on the cover and it would be like unraveling a story.

So I started by cutting some wood in the band saw and immediately realized that this was going to be a very challenging to make one box fit inside the other since it’s really hard to even create same sized boxes because it’s really hard to make all the pieces exactly the same size. So I decided to minimize the scope of my project and just make 5 same size jewelry boxes. I wanted to create 45 degree angles to put all the pieces together like a puzzle but because the pieces were very small it was really hard to do this on the Miter Saw and very dangerous. Therefore, I just made all equal sides and decided to just stick them together.


I started cutting on the Miter multiples of sheets of wood together but they were not straight at all so then I decided to redo them and use the band saw for more accuracy.

I started putting the pieces together depending on which pieces were more equal. This was really frustrating because I had to go back and re-cut a lot of them and sanded them so they can all be equal.

I sticked everything together with wood glue.

Then I went to the laser cutter to etch the quotes on the boxes. I then drilled the lids. (post to be continued I am having some issues uploading my final images)

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