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Apart from putting a lot of hours of work in this project, working on creating my app was an amazing experience and I think it’s really one of the best ways to learn front-end programming because you don’t only learn how to make a website essentially responsive you also learn how you can add libraries and use different softwares such as PhoneGap  to make your life easier. My most major difficulty was attempting to explore back-end programming by using Skygear. Even though I could store user information, my app didn’t seem to be working smoothly after I inserted the Skygear.  After debugging it I figured out what the issue was but it required at least 1-2 days of work and I couldn’t finish it on time. However,  I will be working on it in the next few days and will hopefully be able to finish it.


I really want to actually publish this app and finish the back-end. I’ve done a lot of research in terms of competition and there is not really a type of app where people can connect and support each other through personal struggles. There are a few apps where people can chat with psychologists and counselors but I couldn’t find any apps that had a more “friendly” approach to solving people’s  problems.  Another aspect of the app that I want to develop is being able to request to chat with someone privately  if someone wants to and exit  the public chat. Therefore, this could result in a new friendship or even  a new love interest. In the dating aspect, this app stands out from other apps such as Tinder because it overthrows the risk of  becoming a “hook-up” app by opening up opportunities for  deeper emotional conversations that establish the  ground for creating more meaningful relationships.

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