— AlexiaKay

Two materials- Zoetrope

I have always wanted to make a zoetrope so I thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of this assignment to create it. I found these three plastic materials on the junk shelf:

  1. A plastic base

2. A plastic plate

3.  A motor

I measured the motor’s diameter with a digital multimeter to make a hole in the center of my plate so the motor can pass through my plate using the drill press.

I then sanded the excess black piece around the motor to make it look smoother.

I bought some foam and laser cut a base to create a softer surface for the motor to “sit” on because it wouldn’t be easy for the fan to spin on the hard base. I used hot glue to stick the motor through the soft base.


I soldered the wires and tested the spinning of the plate.

The spinning was good but I noticed that the fan was getting a little bit stuck on the edges of the plate so I used hot gun to melt the edges.


I designed the strip to be the same length as the circumference of my plate and made my slits the same distance apart as the pictures. I cut the strip and etched my bird animations on an oil board. I used oil board because I really like its color and I  wanted to use something thicker than matboard so that it can be stable.


Here is my final result. A bird animation zoetrope made primarily out of plastic and oil board.

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